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A Common Core Aligned Learning Guide

This curriculum was designed to assist teachers in using the fantasy adventure graphic novel Goblin in their classroom.

The guide uses the 6th grade Common Core Standard. For learners that are below or above, the guide can be augmented by adding grade level specific direction and vocabulary to the questions.

PDF includes:

  • Anchor Questions
  • Vocabulary
  • Suggested Activities
  • Chapter Specific Questions

About Alex Dwyer

The Goblin teaching guide was developed by Alex Dwyer, an English Language Arts and Special Education teacher who has regularly used graphic novels and comics in his classroom to engage readers of all types and ability levels.

If you have a question about how to use the Goblin Curriculum and Learning Guide you can contact Alex on twitter at @alexgrahamdwyer.


Story by Eric Grissom
Artwork by Will Perkins
Published by Dark Horse Comics

Goblin™ © 2021 Eric Grissom and Will Perkins. All rights reserved.
For additional information, please contact Eric Grissom.